The new Frankfurt old town

This audio guide is intended to depict the genesis of the new Frankfurt Old Town and its various buildings.

Buildings from various eras shaped the cityscape before the destruction of the old town in 1944, including Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism. With the DomRömer-Quartier, which stretches between the cathedral, Paulskirche and the Historisches Museum to the Main, the history of this place can be experienced again and Frankfurt's old center comes to life again.

15 reconstructions and 20 new buildings represent a successful mixture of old and new. They represent all significant epochs and architectural styles that could also be found in the historic old town. Each house has its own individual characteristics and has a long history that allows one to look back into another chapter of Frankfurt's city history.

With the new Old Town, Frankfurt has not only been given a piece of history, but also a new residential district has been created with great attention to detail, in which small shops, restaurants and cafes at picturesque places and winding streets invite to discover.

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