Turn information about attractions, exhibitions, and tours into mobile audio offers.

xandena makes it much easier for you to offer audio information on sights, exhibitions and tours. The provision of audio equipment is eliminated as well as the elaborate recording of audio tracks by speakers in recording studios. With xandena, the text to be published is enter via an input mask on the xandena server. In the xandena app then this text is converted into language.

Sounds easy? It is! Never before offering an audio guide has been as easy as with xandena!

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» xandena for providers of audio guides

To cbe able to create an audio guide, you must first enter its contents on our xandena server. Once saved, the content is immediately available in the xandena app, which is available for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. To create an audio guide, you need to register at xandena. Register for free today!

Simple input of texts
The input of texts happens via a text editor.
Providing the text for a period of time
Texts can be provided for a certain period of time. If the current date is outside the period, the text can not be loaded.
Rights management
Only someone who has created a text can access it as an editor. He can add more editors.

» xandena for audioguide users

To access an audioguide, you must first download the xandena app from Google Play Store or the Apple Store to your mobile device. The xandena App acts as a kind of framework in which a wide variety of audio guides can be provided. The contents are stored on our server and can be found via a QR code or through the integrated search.

Intelligent recognition of objects
On-site, the app recognizes the object with an integrated QR code or beacon scanner and provides the associated information as language and text.
Search for audio guides
By entering search terms you can find audio guides. Be inspired by audioguides created by others.
Save favorites
Audio guides can be saved as favorites on your mobile device. So you can access your audio guides even if you are without internet connection.
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